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Renewable Solutions:

If you're looking to install a more environmentally friendly heating system into your home then we can help. There are a variety of methods you can use to help keep your house warm, with lower impact on the environment.

Solar Heating

We are a certified supplier of Worcester Greenskies Solar Panels. These can supply 50-70% of your home's hot water supplies, which in turns offer a significant saving on your heating costs. These work alongside your traditional boiler, but mean your traditional boiler doesn't have to work as hard.

It's a common myth that solar panels only work in direct sunlight, this is not true as they can work in diffused sunlight as well, making them economic all year round. They work by storing the heated water in a cylinder with heated coils.

Solar heating is a truly green way to heat your home and you would start to see the savings on your energy bills soon after installing them.

Air to Air Heat pumps

Cost effective, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing, Air to Air heat pumps can heat or cool up to 120 square metres allowing for many applications; open plan areas for business, classrooms, places of worship, loft and basement conversions or house extensions - in fact any open areas which require heating or cooling. The units also act as air purifiers and particulate filters using "Cluster Ion Technology", they don't dry out the air - as air conditioning units do - so are excellent for allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers alike.

Most installations are completed within a day or so and a 6Kw unit costs around 4 pence per hour to run (on maximum output). They are up to 500% efficient which is why they have become an excellent option for those wanting to reduce the pressure on their existing boiler and household

Air to Water Heat pumps

Air to Water heat pumps work in much the same way as air to air, they use the latent heat in the air to generate heat, but have one big difference.

An Air to Water units provides a plentiful supply of hot water thanks to a builtin hot water cylinder which makes it an ideal replacement for an old and inefficient boiler. They use a small amount of electricity and are in excess of 300% efficient which means for every kilowatt of electricity that is used the unit will generate at least three units of heating. These units are designed to replace traditional gas and oil boilers based on the principle that electricity will remain more stable and therefore cheaper in the long-term.

Due to air to water units only needing electricity for operation, it makes it an ideal choice when refurbishing an existing property, replacing oil fired boiler replacements, new builds or areas with restricted mains gas. This is the ideal opportunity to upgrade to a proven, dependable and cost effective option.

For further information or if you need an estimate please contact us.

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